Gramp’s household products are designed according to the principles of the natural world. We believe that mankind can achieve harmonious living environments by unlocking the secrets of nature without resorting to using harmful synthetic chemicals that are unnatural and mostly harmful to all living creatures.


Thus, at Gramp’s, we take great care to bring out from nature its gifts to create 100% natural, sustainable and powerful solutions for daily modern lifestyles; without ever compromising on kindness and respect for the natural order of our universe.


This is our unyielding mission towards a more sustainable world,

and we invite you to join us.

Backyard picture many years ago

A man driven by love and culture, Gramp’s Founder, Nor Rezan Mohamad Noor, or affectionately known as Tok Ayah by those around him, was once told by a religious teacher “Do not go against God, for God too created all things around us. All animals mentioned in the Quran are protected by God. So He who created mosquitoes to the world, He too created a remedy to repel it. The answer is around you.”

This fuelled Tok Ayah on a journey to research and create natural and safe repellents, and eventually, a whole range of household products with proprietary formulations aligned to this philosophy. His first successful product was the mosquito repellent, inspired by his protective instinct for his young grandson who was reacting badly to mosquito bites. Now Gramp’s offer 10 best-selling products, with more in the pipeline.

That is how Gramp’s became a 100% made in Malaysia, fully natural, water-based, household product range that is safe for humans, pets and the environment. With an aspiration to have Gramp’s in all 33 million households in Malaysia, this self-taught scientist and herbalist believes that together we have the ability to positively impact the environment through our daily practices. His unquenchable dedication to unleash the secrets of nature and bottle its magic through his ingenious formulations is to ensure that modern man may thus benefit from the gifts of nature, and return our environment back to its radiant state where both man and nature thrives in perfect harmony.

Backyard picture many years ago

Gramp's Founder & Product Creator

Retired since 2009 as Chief Public Health Inspector from the Penang Municipal Council after serving for 33 years, Tok Ayah spends his days researching plants and herbs.
He also enjoys days of laughter, love and camaraderie with his family of 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and many members of his extended family.

He now lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; where he concocts new products for Gramp's whilst sharing his wisdom and knowledge about the wonders of our natural world with those who seek to learn.

The founder