All Gramp’s Asia products are herbalism-based.

Find out how herbalism makes our 100% natural products so safe and effective.


What are herbalism-based products?

Herbalism is the use of plants as ingredients to heal and promote health, but its application is not limited to medicine. For example, herbalism is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Accomplished herbalists not only understand the functionalities of plant ingredients, they are able to use a combination of ingredients to enhance their natural properties. Imagine applying that knowledge to products for our daily lives, guaranteeing safety to the use and exposure, while assuring high levels of efficacy. Products made with herbalism expertise and mindset are herbalism-based products.

How is herbalism-based natural products different from regular ones?

Herbalism-based natural products have following features:

Every Ingredient Is Guaranteed 100% Natural (Zero Synthetics)

Many products with synthetic chemicals use the word “natural” as part of their marketing to suggest a high level of safety. Look carefully at the ingredient listing both on the product or on its website. 90% or 99% natural still means the presence of synthetic chemicals in the product, which may affect health negatively. Herbalism-based products are guaranteed always to be free of synthetics.

There Is A Higher Number Of Natural Ingredients

Review the ingredient listing again. Rudimentary natural products typically have just one or two “active” natural ingredient, which limits the functions and level of effectiveness. Herbalism-based products have more complex formulations to do more. For example, a dish cleaner must be able to eliminate grease, be gentle on hands, easy to rinse off, disinfect, and smell wonderful. These requirements involve a large number of natural ingredients, and with our example, a herbalism-based dish wash can achieve all that with 100% natural ingredients.

Proven Remarkable Efficacy

Every all-natural cleaner should be accredited laboratory tested for their effectiveness. Only a laboratory test can tell us how well they performs. Killing germs & bacteria 99.9999% is technically 1 thousand times more effective than 99.9%. Gramp’s Asia herbalism-based cleaners are accredited laboratory-tested to kill 99.9999% of germs & bacteria*, performing better than many synthetic cleaners in the market.

*Accredited laboratory-tested against E. Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Listeria, Candida, and Aspergillus Niger.

Safe Enough To Eat

Not many people pay attention to this fact – natural does not necessarily mean safe. A product may solve a household task, but the ingredients selected and the amount used may be too concentrated for safe human exposure, especially for children. An expert herbalist creates product formulations with the mindset of a healer. All ingredients are carefully selected, and the dose and mixture of the ingredients ensure safety even for children and pets. Herbalism-based household products are clearly not formulated for human consumption, but they are definitely safe to put in our mouths.