When Can I Request a Product Replacement?

We have established a good order fulfillment system for all orders made on this website. However, 2 order fulfillment issues may happen:

Product Damaged During Shipment

A product is considered damaged when:

  • There is spillage when plastic seal cover is intact
  • Spray mechanism is damaged when plastic seal cover is intact
  • Bottle is punctured
  • Spray mechanism is defective, or

Incorrect Product Fulfilment

  • Item(s) received is different from the order
  • Item(s) is missing from the order

In the unlikely event you have experienced the issues described above, please submit a Replacement Request following the instructions below.

How Do I Submit a Replacement or Refund Request?

Send an email to sales@grampsasia.com with the following information within 7 days of product delivery:

  • Your name, contact phone number, and Order Number.
  • Please include a photo of your itemized Order Receipt which was included in your delivery package.
  • For damaged product, please include a photo of the product showing the Lot number on the back of the product label clearly.
  • For incorrect fulfillment or missing item, please provide details. We will match it against our fulfillment operation photo library.
  • If you prefer a refund for the item(s) damaged or missing instead of replacement, please indicate at the end of the email.

We will quickly investigate the issue and process your request shortly after.