What is Gramp's Asia?

Gramp's Asia make premium every-day-use products made from 100% natural ingredients at affordable prices which are non-toxic, safe for the environment, harmless to both humans and animals while at the same breath, deliver wonderful results.

What makes Gramp's Asia unique?

What makes us unique is we are probably one of the very few entities in the world that actually offers real product solutions that enable customers to live sustainably. Living sustainably means living in manner that is responsible towards self, family, community, and the environment.

  • Safety: Producing natural products that does not harm humans, animals and the environment.

  • Efficacy: Offering products that actually work and delivers powerful results as promised.

  • Continuous Usability: Pricing products below market value to sustain affordability and increase accessibility to all levels of society.

  • Continuous Preservation: Upholding production practises that protects our planet, the environment, and personal living spaces.

What is Gramp's Asia company philosophy?

Gramp’s philosophy is based on the philosophy of the founder who is rooted from his teachings that the issues we encounter on earth, God has a remedy for it and the answer is around us. Thus, it is a continuous journey for the Gramp’s team to look to nature for the answers to create natural and safe solutions for our every day lives.

Are Gramp's Asia products organic?

No. Organic products require a certain level of certification (or even definitions), for example;

'produce that has been planted on soil that has been pollution-free for a number of years or only organic fertilisers are used during the planting process.'

Different countries have different organic certification requirements, whilst in certain places like Malaysia, there is currently no regulatory body for organic certification in the country. Due to the difficulty of the varied definitions of what is considered to be certified 'organic' due to the lack of a proper regulatory body in Malaysia, Gramp’s Asia product cannot be defined as organic.

What makes Gramp's Asia products 'safe for all'?

Most of Gramp’s Asia products have food-based ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen such as onions, thyme, soya oil, cardammon, thyme, oranges, lemon, etc. Other types of ingredients are mainly made up of essential oils such as bergamot, lavender, pine or tinctures from different kind of plants. We also use a lot of leaves from soursop trees, neem trees or starfruit trees. All of the ingredients are plant-based and there are no animal derivatives nor synthetic chemicals in our formulation. Hence it is absolutely safe for everyone to use.

Why does Gramp's Asia say that its products has 'powerful delivery'?

Most of Gramp’s products were created for commercial entities that require industrial strength capacity to clean or to repel pests. The products' powerful delivery does not only lie in the industrial strength it possesses, but also serves to reduce the usage of labour, water, time, and eventually money. This inevitably makes the delivery of the product powerful from multiple aspects.

How is Gramp's Asia 'environmentally-friendly'?

There are a few reasons and here are some of them:

  • When the Malaysian Department of Environment made an inspection on Gramp’s factory, they found zero hazardous waste. In fact, a Gramp’s factory could be placed in a neighbourhood community, and we would still be able to operate our production while preserving a clean environment.

  • We source our ingredients as much as we can from the local market and even the backyard of village homes. This is to reduce the carbon print waste and also to support the livelihood of local villages.

  • Our products are designed to protect the environment. Not only do we use natural ingredients, our formulations are designed to reduce harmful waste within our living environment.

If Gramp’s Asia uses only 100% natural ingredients, how is it possible that the formulations can be proprietary?

To make the products work, the method of harvesting the ingredients properties is very important. Gramp’s founder has for many years studied the components of phyto-chemicals and the best methods to extract, derive, and manipulate properties that are needed.

On top of this, through the collaboration with many other respected researchers in the fields of biology, phyto-chemistry, entimology, etc and the beautiful combination of learned wisdom from our ancestors, Gramp’s founder has the ability to blend the properties to work together seamlessly and cohesively to deliver the functions that it was created for.

Though it might sound simple, any chemist will tell you that to create a product with a combined ingredient of even 4 -5 components will provide a certain complexity to the formulator. On average, Gramp’s products has at least 20 ingredients, and most of the products in the Repellent range has well over 30 ingredients.

Is Gramp's Asia 'halal certified'?

We are in the process of obtaining our Halal Certification from JAKIM, a halal certification body from Malaysia. We will be providing the updates once we have obtained the certification. Nevertheless, please be informed that we do not have any animal-derived products in our ingredients or processes.

Does Gramp's Asia have a bottle recycling or refill programme?

It is very important to us at Gramp's Asia that we are making a stand for recycling our bottles. As we are predominantly an online shopping company, we do not have enough live touchpoints yet for bottle collections. We have begun an effort to offer our products for purchase or refill at zero waste stores. We will let everyone know of our progress as we gain traction with this initiative. Thank you for your stand for our environment!

Are our pest repellents registered and approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia?

Gramp’s Asia has received official correspondence from the Pesticide Board of Malaysia stating that each of our individual repellent do not require registration. This is due to our choice of all natural ingredients which are not regulated by the Pesticide Act 1947 (with 2017 latest amendments).
We work hard to ensure all of our repellents are above board, and we continue to be committed to develop and manufacture safe and effective products. Reference Number: JP KRP 207/12/705 Jld. 32 (49)




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