Instantly Eliminate Bed Bugs and Dust Mites


Bye-Bye Bed Bugs instantly kills bed bugs, dust mites, and their eggs. Only one application is needed to completely eliminate these pests commonly found in beds, luggage, backpacks, and sofas. And it has a pleasant herbal scent.

This pesticide-free formulation is guaranteed to have zero synthetic or toxic chemicals. Use it at home worry-free. Safe for babies, pets, and around food.

SHAKE WELL before use.

One application kills bed bugs, dust mites, and their eggs instantly. Use as directed to treat the entire bed, furniture, and luggage or bags. Spray liberally.

Mattress: Spray until damp all corners, edges, seams, and depressed spots from stitching and/or decorative buttons. Let the mattress dry.

Bed Frame: Spray liberally into any area bed bugs and dust mites may hide and lay eggs. Pay close attention to all openings, cracks, frame joints, and any nook and cranny.

Bed Linen: Put all bed linens, pillow cases, blankets, and comforters into an airtight bag. Spray liberally into the bag, seal it and wait 15 minutes. After which, launder all bag contents.

Luggage and Backpacks: Spray liberally on all fabric or nylon material on the inside and exterior. Spray into storage compartment and pouches, joints, wheels, and any nook and cranny.

Sofa: Spray on all corners, edges, seams, especially areas depressed with decorative stitching or buttons. Pay close attention to areas below the cushions, and nooks and crannies around the legs.

Handling: Store bottle in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes, and flush eye with water with accidental exposure. Not formulated for oral application, but safe if small quantity is accidentally ingested.


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Instantly Eliminate Bed Bugs and Dust Mites
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