Removes Odours Safely
50ml – 150ml


The versatile Lavender Air Cleaner is a calming air freshener, an amazingly effective odour remover and air cleaner, all in one bottle.

Its special formulation neutralises the most pungent odour molecules, extinguishing stenches from trash to cigarette-smoke. It also contains natural ingredients with anti-microbial properties to disinfect the air.

Every ingredient is carefully selected, processed, and blended to ensure safety in every breath. There are no synthetic fragrances nor harmful ingredients, guaranteed safe for everyone at home, including babies, pets and around food. Use frequently without worry.


SHAKE WELL before use.

Quick & Easy: For the first-time use, spray once in the air of an enclosed space to test its strength. Use it in any room at home and office, and in the car.

Odour Removal: Remove source of odour completely (e.g. foul rubbish, lit cigarettes). Spray directly into area or with odour. A perfect companion for the rest room.

Diffuser: Spray into a water-filled diffuser as a replacement for essential oils. Clean the water diffuser periodically.

Handling: Store bottle in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes, and flush eye with water with accidental exposure. Not formulated for oral application, but safe if small quantity is accidentally ingested.


50ml (Travel Size), 150ml


Water, Lavender Oil, Thyme, Geranium, Natural Preservatives.

Every ingredient is guaranteed 100% natural, including the Gramp’s Asia proprietary preservative.


Popular usage suggestions from members of our Gramp’s Asia community:

  • Toilet Etiquette: Spray once into the toilet bowl before doing the deed. It will prevent any embarrassing smells.
  • Better Sleep: Use in a diffuser for a better night’s sleep or meditation.
  • Gym & Shoe Bags: Spray into the gym or sports shoe bag to eliminate any bad odours after a sporting event or gym session.
  • Heavy Fabrics: Spray on heavy fabrics in the room (e.g. curtains, fabric sofa) for the aroma to last longer in the room. Spray with bottle about 6 inches away from the fabric.


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Removes Odours Safely
50ml – 150ml
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