Collaboration with Anzalna Nasir


Breathe in the freshness of nature

Experience the irresistible aroma of English Rose. Crafted with our commitment to nature, it elevates your surroundings with its captivating scent of a blooming rose garden.

Free from harsh chemicals and artificial additives, English Rose is non-toxic and stain-free, safe for babies, pets and around food. Made ONLY with honest all-natural ingredients.

The English Rose Air Care from Gramp’s Asia introduces a versatile 5-in-1 Air Care solution. You can use it for spraying into the

  • Air
  • Applying it to fabric
  • Using it in a diffuser
  • Enhancing your room’s ambiance
  • Refreshing your car.

SHAKE WELL before use.

Quick & Easy: Spray once or twice in the air in an enclosed space. Perfect for any room at home and office, and in the car.

Long-lasting: Spray into a water-filled diffuser as a replacement for essential oils. Clean the water diffuser periodically.

Handling: Store bottle in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes, and flush eye with water with accidental exposure. Not formulated for oral application, but safe if small quantity is accidentally ingested.

0.2 kg


Water, Rose Oil, Patchouli, Periwinkle, Natural Preservative

Every ingredient is guaranteed 100% natural, including the Gramp’s Asia proprietary preservative.


Here are usage suggestions from our community:

  • Spray on heavy fabrics in the room (e.g. curtains, fabric sofa) for the aroma to last longer. Spray with bottle about 6 inches away from the fabric.
  • Spray once in the backpack (or any personal bag). Each time the bag is opened, you will be greeted with a whiff of natural freshness.


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Collaboration with Anzalna Nasir
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