Removes Stains Completely


Eliminator is the ultimate stain remover. Its choice of 100% natural ingredients removes stains from hard material effectively, new or old. Perfect on tiles, marble, glass, wood, and more. It is also incredibly effective on leather, including suede.

Made only with 100% natural ingredients, its formulation is guaranteed not to contain any synthetic chemicals or harmful ingredients. It is safe around babies and pets.

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SHAKE WELL before use.

New Stains: Spray on stain and brush until it disappears.

Stubborn Stains: Spray on stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Brush the stain until it disappears.

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Water, Geranium, Potato, Pine, Citric Acid, Citrus, Starfruit, Baking Soda, Herbaceous Plants, Palm Oil, Thyme, Vinegar Lemon.

Every ingredient is guaranteed 100% natural, including the Gramp’s Asia proprietary preservative.


Watch this space for hacks and usage suggestions from members of our Gramp’s Asia community.


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Removes Stains Completely
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