This exquisitely designed aromatherapy diffuser is presented with a high quality ceramic cover. It is filled with many exciting features, including automatic shut off when the water tank is empty. It produces a continuous fine mist, has 4 timed options (up to 3 hours), and offers several beautiful mood lighting options.

The diffuser is quiet while in operation, while supported by a powerful and long-lasting motor. Use it with any essential oils and blends (we highly recommend Amrani essential oil blends), or with our Lavender Air Cleaner, Fresh Botanics and Bye-Bye Nyamuk. It will look great in any room.

Power: Connect the 24V DV adapter to the diffuser at its base.

Fill: Twist off ceramic cover and remove the water tank cap, and fill the tank no higher than the Maximum Fill Line (>100ml).

Bye-Bye Nyamuk: Mix 2:10 to water in the diffuser for continuous mosquito protection in a room or enclosed space, or 3:10 in areas prone to mosquito infestation.

Air Care: Fill the water tank a little below the Maximum Fill Line and spray Gramp’s Asia Lavender Air Cleaner or Fresh Botanics several times into water tank, and make any room smelling fresh and welcoming.

Essential Oils: Add 6 drops of Amrani’s essential oil blends to 100ml of water.

Turn On: Replace water tank cap and ceramic cover and press the Power Button to turn diffuser on.

Mist Duration Selection: Continue to press the Power Button to select mist duration (0.5 / 1 / 2 / >3 hrs).

Mood Colour Selection: Press the Change Color Button to select your preferred light colours.

Auto Shut-off: The diffuser shuts off automatically when the water runs out.


0.8 kg


We will replace any unit with manufacturer defects within 2 weeks of delivery receipt. The motor comes with a 6 months warranty.


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